İyi görünüm ve mekanik yeniliklerin rakipsiz kombinasyonu

Feed back patient

Digital adjustment

Hareket Alanı
-10° den 120° ye kadar  flexion.
The Kinetec Diz CPM cihazı  allows treating all pathologies of the knee.
The anatomically correct system increases the comfort of the patient and decreases the points of pressure.

Only 12 Kg (26 pounds). Provided with two handles transport board.
The Kinetec Spectra is very easy to transport for a use in the hospital or in cabinet.

For all versions of the Kinetec Spectra, the remote control is easy to use and intuitive, that allows a precise and quick adjustment of the movement parameters.

The large LCD screen shows the immediate and the programmed range of motion allowing a patient stimulation.


  • Warm Up: The patient reaches gradually the pre-set full ROM
  • Modulation: Allows manual setting of the ROM end-point based on patient tolerance. This mode is generally used at the beginning of the session
  • ROM By Pass: Used during the session, this mode allows a manual setting based on new patient tolerance, thus offering a real progressive work of the Range of motion
  • Force: This security feature allows the patient to reverse, more or less easily, the movement by a simple muscular contraction
  • Timer: Control of the session time
  • Programme: Allows set-up of 16 customised programmes

Technical Specifications:

  • Broad bearing surface improving stability.
  • Detachable remote control which facilitates maintenance.
  • Site dedicated for storage of the remote control when the machine is not used or during transport.
  • Possibility to block the adjustment of the parameters.
  • Exclusive Load Reserve ensures patient protection when excessive force is exerted on the joint.
  • Büyük LCD ekran.
  • Hareket aralığı: -10° to 120°.
  • Hız:  45°/dakikadan  155°/dakikaya kadar ayarlayabilme
  • Ağırlık: 12kg
  • Cihaz ölçüler: Length: 95cm, Width: 33cm
  • Height: 33cm
  • Hasta Boyu :  1,45m – 1,95m
    • Ayak boyu : 71cm – 99cm
    • Tibia: 38cm -53cm
    • Femur: 33cm –  46cm
  • Maksimum hasta ağırlığı: 135 Kg.
  • Hasta acil stop butonu ve geri hareket özelliği
  • Voltaj:   240 Volts 50/60Hz.
  • Electrical power: 20W.